Wireline Providers: Get the Best in CEM and Improve Your Business Today

The Ultimate Customer Experience Management Handbook for Transport Providers

Acquiring and keeping customers takes a lot of time, money and effort. Make that investment even stronger by actively engaging in Customer Experience Management (or CEM) with a customer portal. Implementing CEM techniques can:

  • Improve your customer’s satisfaction
  • cem-coverIncrease your most profitable sales to current customers
  • Reduce real operating expenses
  • Generate positive cash flow

In this handbook you will learn about:

  • The Power of Customer Portals
  • Seamless Portal Integration
  • The Freedom of Self Subscription
  • Accurate and Automated Reporting
  • On-Demand Bandwidth Ordering
  • The Benefits of Private Branding
  • Convenient Custom Notifications

Customer experience standards are evolving everyday and you need the tools to manage your customer’s experience. With LB Networks industry-leading customer portal, OcularIP™, you can quickly and easy access reporting and monitoring to stay ahead of your competitors.

Improve Your CEM with LB Networks

CEM can lead to more upgrades, higher sales and revenues, better service levels, improved customer satisfaction, less service calls and lower operating costs and expenses. Download the handbook to learn more.