Data Retrieval @Scale

One of the greatest challenges of legacy analytics systems is their inability to easily retrieve data from new sources and scale. OcularIP’s vCollector and oConnector apps eliminate these barriers!


Day1 users can retrieve data from over 360 technology connectors included in the platform. vCollector supports an array of collection methodologies including poll, push, stream, API, etc. New technologies can quickly be added via the apps smart connector functionality. The vCollector is a lightweight app that runs in the customer’s compute environment.  Without any reconfiguration of their OcularIP platform, users can add vCollectors when and where needed. Users can also enable N+1 High Availability architecture with their vCollectors. 


Another substantiation of OcularIP’s authentic Cloud-Native Assurance platform is the agility provided by the oConnector. The oConnector, Open Data Mapping Framework, enables OcularIP to extend the number of technologies, systems, platforms, data lakes, etc. that integrate with OcularIP.  Now clients can integrate the output of systems or technologies to be consumed by OcularIP to take advantage of the platform’s extensive analytics. Not only can the oConnector extend the life of legacy systems it can also be used to quickly integrate newer systems as well.   

vCollector Capabilities

  • Lightweight Java Software Application runs on customer Linux compute platform
  • Easy installation through vCollector Manager module allowing collector download and activation
  • vCollector Manager module provides configuration and monitoring of app service(s) in OcularIP portal or
  • vCollector REST-API’s can be used for vCollector management
  • Collector App Health Summary
  • Enhanced security via vCollector app initiated communication
  • Cluster based micro-service architecture enables easy scalability and n+1 High Availability
  • Compute, Memory and Storage performance metrics are now integrated in OcularIP’s vCollector Manager Module.

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