Partner Compliance

Integrated, segment by segment transparency with supplier analysis.

Your off-net providers are a key component of your service delivery. However, being able to effectively see their network is a major challenge. Imagine the benefits of simultaneously viewing your network segment, your off-net providers segment and the end to end service! Now add the ability to share service visualization directly with  your off-net provider, having them view the circuit performance statistics along with you, quickly identifying and resolving issues before they become outages. OcularIP provides this capability today.

Sharing Views Today!

Dozens of carriers are sharing circuit views amongst their organizations today. They are using OcularIP’s MEF LSO capabilities to collect, analyze and share circuit performance metrics, views, and reports.  All you have to do is identify the circuits, KPIs and/or graphs you want to share with the off-net provider and you’re done.

Much less than a Nid

Stop stacking NIDs!  Eliminate excess points of failure; wiring, power, space, truck rolls, installation, firmware/software upgrades, purchase costs, maintenance expense, trouble shooting complexity, etc. Carriers are reducing outages, expenses, while improving supplier/member network relationships and network performance. See the list below.

Beware of Shared Cloud Computing Environments

Off-net Analytics and Portal

  • Reduce measurement, reporting time and costs to meet wireless carrier SLAs
  • More reliable architecture (reduce components, cables, NIDs, points of failure).
  • Reduce costs by eliminating need for additional NID/CPE.
  • Improve service availability and reduce costs – capex and opex.
  • Easier reporting and compliance.
  • Reports to members – value add and report card of operating statistics, trends, etc.
  • Generate revenue and free cash flow – provide “PMR as a Service”.
  • Reduce off-net network issues and associated SLA penalties
  • Live portal view to service delivery providing another tool for operations.
  • Leverage exclusion periods and smart maintenance to reduce network fails.
  • Reduced MTTR with joint visibility.
  • End to end circuit and segment visibility including off-net loops.
  • Measure, monitor, alert and report circuit performance.
  • Identification of potential issues due to changes in service characteristics.
  • Faster resolution via identification, joint views across full service facility.

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