OcularIP CX Portal

Integrated, intuitive, fully customize-able customer portal!

In Gartner’s study “Customer Experience (CX) is the new competitive battlefield” when they asked customers “what do you do first when you have a question about service?”, 74% stated “log-on to their suppliers portal”! The major telcos and OTT providers are offering portals to their clients making it critical that independent carriers offer this functionality as well. With OcularIP carriers have a competitive advantage while enhancing their customer’s quality of experience and loyalty.

Fast and Easy Portal

With OcularIP, you can turn on a customer portal in minutes. Click on the KPIs and/or graphs you want your customer to see, save, assign and you’re done. Absolutely that easy. OcularIP is being used worldwide to win business and reduce support costs.  Customers have won thousands of new clients while reducing calls to support centers by 17%! Please check our resource section and blog for specific real world use cases.

Carrier Grade Portal

OcularIP offers an extensive list of functions and capabilities. Customer self-service, carrier defined views, auto account generation, private branding, single-sign-on integration, are just a few of the extensive list of features that make OcularIP the leading carrier customer portal in the world.  For more see the list below.

OcularIP Customer Portal

  • “FiberNet provides a performance  portal, allowing the City to view real-time usage, changes or increase bandwidth.” City of S Miami Award Notice vs AT&T and Comcast
  • Conterra web site – “OcularIP network visibility – a window into the health of your network”
  • Colt – “PriszmNet Portal gives you insight into your services than ever available before”
  • Customize with defined views and reports for clients or services
  • Clients only see their network services and circuits
  • Private Branding Plus™ enables you to offer a custom private portal with your logos, graphics, colors, custom messaging and reports
  • Private url for your portal
  • Very limited overhead for your organization to offer a portal
  • Customer self-service,including auto password generation and recovery,
  • Moderator functionality enables major clients to manage their users, report distributions, etc.
  • Industrial strength security!
  • Track over 110 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through OcularIP’s actionable and concise dashboard

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