Tomorrow Street announces its First Partnership with LB Networks

Luxembourg, 4th October 2017: Tomorrow Street is proud to announce its first partnership, with LB Networks, an American-based company from St. Louis, Missouri. LB Networks provides a cutting edge analytics platform called OcularIP, enabling companies across all industries to gain visibility of their entire network and digital infrastructure. Companies can then use this visibility to optimise performance and costs – for example, a bank with an ATM in another country would have full visibility of all circuit links to its head office, meaning that any performance issue could be pinpointed to the exact link along the communication pathway, giving the bank the opportunity to optimise performance in real time and drive better customer experience and enhance brand value.

The Tomorrow Street team selected LB Networks to join the new innovation centre due to the innovative nature of the platform, a strong management team, and the scalability of the product.

“OcularIP represents a new way for businesses to differentiate themselves through enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction, and accelerates digitalization and operational agility and excellence. We are very much looking forward to working with LB Networks to bring their solution to our global partners and their customers,” said Warrick Cramer, CEO of Tomorrow Street.

“The partnership brings OcularIP’s innovative customer experience solution, proven by over one hundred American customers, to the global reach of Tomorrow Street,” said Raymond Chiu, CEO LB Networks. “The resulting synergy will enable businesses around the world to deliver differentiated value through superior customer experience.”

About Tomorrow Street
Tomorrow Street, a joint venture between the Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC) and Technoport (Luxembourg’s national incubator) aims to turn business-ready startups into global success stories through Vodafone’s expansive network. In doing so, Tomorrow Street will deliver innovative products and services to Vodafone’s consumer and enterprise customers while contributing to Luxembourg’s digital evolution.

About LB Networks
LB Networks provides industry-first SaaS solutions and high-level professional services. Our clients are able to maintain the highest SLA standards, along with exceptional levels of client satisfaction. Our culture and experience are the drivers of our philosophy. Customers hire us to implement a solution. LB Networks provide expertise, experience and a consultative approach as your business partner.

OcularIP platform offers service providers a competitive advantage, which in turn drives business in the fast growing networking segments of mobile backhaul, Ethernet business services and cloud services. Our professional service engineers save customers money and ensure delivery of network solutions. LB Networks delivers state of the art solutions, professional results and peace of mind.

For further information, please contact:
M: +49 173 328 9624

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