Independent Analytics

OcularIP is a multi-service assurance platform that supports an extensive variety of performance data, collection and reporting methods. An example is OcularIP’s capabilities in Carrier Ethernet. OcularIP leverages MEF standards based performance measurement KPIs plus technology specific KPIs. OcularIP’s use of standards based PMR protocols include TWAMP, ITU Y.1731, IEEE 802.X and Ethernet OAM.  OcularIP’s performance calculations are modeled on the MEF Carrier Ethernet specifications. Plus OcularIP takes advantage of manufacturer’s custom PMR extensions, allowing OcularIP users to capitalize on the innovation that exists in these vendor specific implementations. Lastly OcularIP can quickly integrate new technologies with its vCollector and oConnector apps.

403 Technologies and growing!


Technology Partnerships

OcularIP is committed to a multi-vendor, multi-technology support model. We have contractual relationships with dozens of manufacturers that enable OcularIP’s extensive functionality and ensure that we are current with releases and future directions. These relationships enable sharing information with our product development teams that benefits OcularIP, the manufacturer and most importantly our customers.

Sample Partners

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Accedian Support

Ciena Support

Calix Support

Cisco Support

Telco Systems Support

Nokia (ALU) Support

Juniper (+BTI) Support

Brocade Support

Adva (+Overture) Support

MRV Support

Infinera Support

RAD Support

Fujitsu Support