OcularIP Compliance

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Your most important clients have the most demanding SLAs. For years OcularIP has been optimizing SLA calculations. Over 120 transport providers are taking advantage of the platforms unique capabilities to reduce SLA penalties as well as present their services in the best light.

Support all Tier1 Carriers

OcularIP meets the MSA mandates for all of the major cell carriers. The platform includes reports for AT&T mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cell. In addition OcularIP's unique feature sets enable carriers to take advantage of the multi-tiered SLA definitions,  reducing fails and the associated penalties.

AT&T Wireline and Wholesale SLAs

OcularIP supports the evolving AT&T Wireline, CenturyLink/L3 and other carrier MSA SLA specifications. OcularIP is also being used to meet the reporting demands of  financial organizations, governments and health care providers. OcularIP's compliance covers the full spectrum of service performance analysis from the worlds largest carriers to mid-tier and SMB clients.

Monitoring Ethernet Backhaul to Prove Contracte SLAs

Compliance Capabilities

  • Support for all Tier1 Cell providers
  • Flexible exclusion periods, including modifying minute by minute history - 7 months standard
  • Availability report calculations leverage exempt time periods based upon exclusions of KPIs in multi-tiered SLA computation
  • An example is exclusions based upon customer network traffic vs. CIR levels
  • Create precise and accurate reports that meet tier 1 cell provider mandates
  • Optimize SLA compliance through unique smart maintenance™ calculations
  • Integration with trouble ticketing systems through OcularIP APIs
  • Multi-Domain an inherent functionality enables services or circuits to be in multiple categories or "folders"
  • Multi-Service an inherent functionality to support CE, IP services, 5G slicing, NFV and LSO
  • Optimize your network performance through multi-technology, multi-vendor circuits for true end-to-end visibility
  • Carriers reported reduction in failure calculations and associated payouts to Tier1 providers by 8 to 1 ratio
  • Monthly reports in minutes vs man days.

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