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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We’re able to fully satisfy the complex SLA reporting requirements of our most important customers. What used to take people a week to complete, now takes an hour to prepare! OcularIP has done it again!"

− Dennis Francis President of Conterra Broadband

"Subscribing to OcularIP allowed us to immediately meet the strict reporting requirements of our wireless customers. In addition the auto-discovery and provisioning of our current circuits saved us hours of time allowing 702 Communications to quickly turn up the system and leverage its tracking and reporting capabilities."

− Jim Walters, President and CEO of 702 Communications

"ICN selected OcularIP because of its customization flexibility, multi-technology support and compliance capabilities. ICN uses different manufacturers in our network infrastructure, we need an equipment agnostic solution for providing our customers SLA assurance."

− Kurt VanHoogstrate, VP of Engineering at ICN

"KsFiberNet provides mission critical carrier services, so it is imperative that our suppliers meet those criteria. Whether it is deployment, support or OcularIP, LBN delivers."

− S. Dorf, President of KsFiberNet

"Its not our network - It was our old reporting! OcularIP shows the real quality performance of our network!"

− VP Network $1Billion Carrier

"OcularIP has driven costs out of our compliance management while providing a foundation for digitized customer experience."

− Scott Bierman, President B2 Telecom

Cloud-Native Assurance Platform

A Multi-Service, Multi-technology, Multi-tenant, Multi-domain,  Multi-view, Role-Based portal.

OcularIP is in use by over 137 service providers and content organizations world-wide. They leverage OcularIP’s unique architecture to optimize the visualization, reporting and delivery of services to clients. This results in improved customer experience and opex savings thru reduced trouble calls, service issues, trend analysis and pro-active notifications.

Professional Network Engineering Services

Network Life Cycle Services – Design, deployments, upgrades and on-going support across the transport, service and application layers of the network. Let us help you configure your network.

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OcularIP Performance Reporting & Customer Portal

OcularIP™, the leading digitized customer experience portal, is a web-scale service assurance and analytics platform that provides carriers a competitive advantage to win business, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

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Real-time Project Tracking
and Control

Work-Flow Operations Optimization Database is an exclusive, web-based SaaS application specifically designed to track and control network projects.

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