No hype. No hassle. The most intuitive, integrative, comprehensive and affordable monitoring and reporting customer portal solution in the industry.

OcularIP is the industry’s leading SLA performance monitoring and assurance reporting customer portal. Worldwide over 50 service providers are leveraging OcularIP to improve service delivery, reduce operating costs and enhance their customer’s quality of experience.

Fast and Easy Reporting

With OcularIP, reporting is no longer a specialist task. Easily configure groups of circuits and reports to meet tier 1 network requirements. Just drag, drop and you’re done.

Every Second Counts Monitoring

Demand on your network is evolving and changing all the time. OcularIP proactively identifies issues with a network management system that reports down to the second.

Why OcularIP

  • Pay only for the circuits that need to be monitored (what you need)
  • Use your technology – OcularIP supports over 100 technologies and software for your business
  • Implement in hours via the intuitive operating interface
  • Create precise and accurate reports that meet tier 1 cell provider mandates
  • Optimize your network performance through multi-technology, multi-vendor circuits for true end-to-end visibility
  • Customize your portal and reports for customers, engineers and management with Private Branding Plus™
  • Track over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through OcularIP’s actionable and concise dashboard

To learn more about OcularIP

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